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Asset Backed LC Funding Program

This Asset Backed Credit Line (LC) funding program has our private lender pledging their assets, as a third-party underwriter, to another lender who would issue a Credit Line based solely on the asset(s) pledged under this program. This is designed so clients can leverage their relationships with banks, hedge funds and family offices to secure a Credit Line or loan that will provide 100% funding for their projects.

The choice of assets being pledged are one of the following three asset classes:

  1. A Safekeeping Receipt (SKR) from G4S pledging gold holdings with them and confirmed by JP Morgan London office
  2. An asset pledge of gold bullion held at Banca d’Italia, pledging our source’s holdings.
  3. Pledged asset (typically an SKR) for direct trade.

This new funding program is already facilitating transactions with hedge funds and family offices with several bank deals in process. The program is available to any lender who would accept the asset pledge and lend solely against the asset classes being offered under this program. Gold desks (banks), Asset Backed lending programs, Hedge Funds and Family Offices using trading platforms readily see the opportunity here..

$50M and up  

100% Financing

Funding in 30 to 45 days

Available Globally

We Drive Business Growth

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