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OMV Capital is the result of two companies, Blackhawk Partners and Aeros Development Group, getting together over 15 years ago to provide financial solutions to businesses and individuals looking for development capital. These two individual companies bring over 40 years of business success together and partnered with non-traditional lending solution providers to offer companies that need “outside the box” funding solutions. Our focus at OMV is to provide unique and non-traditional financial funding solutions through our different loan programs specifically tailored to our client’s needs.

OMV Capital provides funding for tougher transactions that fail to qualify for the traditional bank financing. With OMV, we have several products that can be tailored to provide the necessary funding for projects.

Funding is available for: Large Construction Projects, Corporate Expansion Loans, Real Estate Projects, Large Alternative Energy Projects, Large Real Estate Development Projects and for large developments in: Agro-industry, Water Production, Ports and Airports, Fossil Fuels, Energy Projects (such as wind, solar, hydro), Mining, Telecommunications, Hotels, Office Complex, Large Real Estate Projects and much more.

Depending on each specific business’ need, we have solutions that work with rates and terms that make sense for the business

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